Visit to the doctor

Well, the past few days my fiance and I have been arguing. Last night was the worst and I ended up not getting any sleep at all. I had an appointment with my doctor at 8:15 AM and my doctor is a little over an hour away. I called out of work because there was just no way.

The appointment was just to get refills on prescriptions and see if my levels have improved with the medication she prescribed. In 2012, I found out that I am anemic, have extremely low B12 and have hypothyroidism. I also got put on blood pressure medicine, but she thinks she will take me off of that once everything else gets straightened out. So, fast forward to today’s check-up. My blood pressure was the best it has been since they have ever taken it! I was very surprised…and happy about that. She said my iron levels haven’t reached where she wants, but those go up the slowest so she expects them to keep improving. My B12 was excellent, but she said next time to make sure I get my labs done when I am due for my B12 shot to make sure the reading is completely accurate; I didn’t know that last time. Then lastly, my thyroid….I was delusional because of my lack of sleep, but either it had gotten worse or just not improved at all so she had to up my dosage on that.

I tell you what, the past few days I have been out of my medicine because I couldn’t get an appointment with the holidays. I have really noticed a difference being off of my thyroid medicine. I got very depressed and extremely anxious. I think that is a lot of the problem between my fiance and I. When I first went to the doctor, I went because I was having extreme social anxiety. She said that she is positive it is because of my thyroid issues, and she believes that once that is taken care of my anxiety will be gone. Being on that medicine, I have seen an improvement, but being off of it for those few days it was like I was bipolar or something without it. I was literally freaking out inside; feeling like a crazy person.

I am kind of glad to see 2012 gone, to be honest. Good and bad things happened for me in 2012. The worst was losing my oldest cat Puppy. It was absolutely devastating for me. The best was probably moving in with my fiance and then getting engaged on November 29th.

Looking forward to a much better 2013!!

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2 thoughts on “Visit to the doctor

  1. It was good talking to you the other night. I miss us talking. Get AIM on your computer so we can connect more. I’m glad your doctors appointment went well. And she probably upped your thyroid medication, because when you’re levels are really really bad it takes forever to get them on track. I don’t know, I think they changed mine like 7 times until they got it right lol. Now I’m on 200mcg. So just be patient and trust your doctor, she knows what she’s doing. ILU!

    • Yeah, I miss it too and it was soooo gooood! I do need to sign on AIM more :). & JEESH! 200? I think they started me at 25mcg, now it is up to 50mcg. I am definitely trusting my doctor…I mean so far I’ve seen a huge difference in just my energy level alone from the B12 and I like that she is doing my labs every 6 weeks to see how the medications are working out for me until the levels get where they need to be. ILU most!

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