So overwhelmed!

Today I went back to work after being off 2 and a half days. I work as an insurance specialist for a medical center. My job has really been stressing me out lately. My partner left in August, and they haven’t hired anyone to replace her because they think I am doing a good enough job. I do take it as a compliment, but recently Medicaid decided to take back over $81,000 from us from 2008-2011 so because of all of that workload I am not able to do my regular work. There are not enough hours in a day for me to do everything, especially when we are not allowed to do overtime. I wish I could just find another job and bail…they would be so screwed, but unfortunately no one for what I want to do is hiring. Stuck like Chuck, I tell ya.

I try to keep calm and not be so stressed out about my job, but it is hard when the papers just keep piling up. I know there is only so much I can do, and as long as I do that then I am doing all I can, but I’m afraid that one day one of my bosses may not see it that way. Not my fault they don’t hire someone to help me, though.

Other than that, I suppose my day was okay. So happy tomorrow is Friday, though.

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