Good day!

Everything went great at my little reunion tonight. A few people I am closest with weren’t able to make it, but I really enjoyed the company of those that did. There was Jennifer, Joel and their two kids, Kaila, Kashunna, and Lola there tonight. I wrote yesterday about how I always get nervous and have anxiety. When my fiance and I got there, Lola was standing outside and it actually eased the stress of everything. I am so glad that I went and that Mike got to meet everyone.

We didn’t have to be there until 6pm, before we left we just kind of lounged around the house. Neither of us were really feeling well. Then after we got back, he downloaded some karaoke app on his Xbox and we sat on the couch alternating singing songs for 2 hours haha. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again! I was being all shy at first because I get embarrassed sometimes singing in front of anyone when all of the spotlight is on me…even with him, but once I sang a couple I was belting out the songs!

Mike and I definitely have our bad moments, but I love him so incredibly much. He has told me before that I don’t see the good things about him, but I’ve been trying to tell him more how much I appreciate him and the things he does. He has helped me out so much within the past two weeks. He helped me pay for my prescriptions because I couldn’t afford to pay for both my prescriptions and my half of the bills. He paid our way to go to this little reunion thing, when I really think he would’ve preferred to just stay at home, but he knew it meant a lot to me. He does some small things that must make me smile from deep within. I really cannot imagine my life without him, and while we do have our horrible moments…the good times do outweigh the bad and our bad moments always start over something stupid, or my own issues. I hope I make him as happy as he makes me.

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