At least it is Friday!!

So the meeting at work went better than I expected. It was all about getting us on the same page and getting help for me. They said they would pull a girl working with another insurance carrier to help me out 3 days a week until they hire someone. They haven;t had any applicants for the position, but it is a temporary position. My supervisor told me a few hours later that she has found a way to get another position, so I am crossing my fingers. I am so backed up and overwhelmed…well, I have been for the past few months. It will be so nice to have help. I felt like he weight was lifted off of my shoulders because now they all realize I need help and there is no way in hell I can do everything. Before I was stressing myself out and had so much pressure to try and do everything myself, which was NEVER going to happen.

I am still sick, but today I actually feel WAY better than the past few days. The only problem is I have this annoying cough that will not go away. I was up at least every 30 minutes last night coughing. Then at work I had several cough attacks where I felt like I was almost going to throw up, so I was running to the bathroom. I bought some medicine this morning for cough, but it made me feel nauseous and dizzy. I really hope tonight I am able to get some sleep instead of coughing the night away.

Today Mike and I joined the YMCA. We took a tour, and when we first pulled up I was kind of nervous because there were SO many cars in the parking lot. I get uncomfortable when a bunch of people are working out around me, but when we went inside there wasn’t many people. Most of them were there for their children’s swim team practice. I was relieved. We had our last fast food meal, got some healthy groceries for tomorrow and I guess we are starting it in the morning. I am nervous, but with the support and motivation I know I can do this!!!

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