Feeling the burn.

Well, day 2 of healthy eating and going to the gym was a success. I am definitely feeling the burn of working out muscles that haven’t been worked out anytime recently haha. Today we didn’t get as long at the gym because they were only open an hour after my fiance made it home from work, but I still met my goals.

I had to deal with my first temptation today. We had to go to his parents house to pick up some furniture they were giving us and his dad had got a pizza and pasta from Pizza Hut. Pizza is my weakness. I could live on pizza if it was healthy and I didn’t gain weight. His mom had a greek salad, though so we were good and had that. Then when I got home I made the rest of our dinner. It was so hard watching his dad sit across the table and eat pizza. My mouth started watering seeing that pasta, with all of the cheese on top. Then as he was eating the pizza, I kept wanting just one bite. Aghhhh, it was hard, but I am proud of the both of us for resisting the temptation. We’ve both been doing really good!

Sad this weekend is already over and it is back to work tomorrow. Why do the weekends go by so quick?

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2 thoughts on “Feeling the burn.

  1. So proud of you. I really need to get better at this.

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