Fun day.

My cousin is staying this weekend. We picked him up after I got off work and went bowling. It was pretty fun, but I forgot how hyper and crazy he is. He is 13 and can be so inappropriate. It was a little overwhelming at first, but I dealt with it.

We had a couple of slices of pizza tonight. Our plan was to each have two slices of pizza and share a salad, but when the pizza got in front of us Mike cracked and had three and a half slices, and I had three too. It isn’t like we completely over did it because we ate so good the rest of the day, but I was still disappointed in him and in myself, too. Tomorrow is the day we weigh ourselves, so I am hoping we didn’t mess anything up.

When we got home, the night just consisted of them playing video games. My cousin is so completely inappropriate. Boys are gross. If I ever have a boy, he will have to be raised so different. I feel bad for my cousin…I hope he grows out of it.

I really appreciate my fiance. He is taking it all in, even though I know it is annoying. He also said we could stop by a store to get him drinks and food he likes since we cleaned all of the junk out of our house. I didn’t go for that, I figure it won’t hurt him to eat healthy things, but it was a very nice offer.

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