So tired!

My cousin is a handful. I feel like I haven’t had any rest this weekend, and I feel exhausted! Next weekend I am not doing a damn thing!

Today we tried to go to the gym with him, but I had to end up stopping what I was doing on the treadmill to go after him because he wouldn’t stay where we were. It was driving me nuts. Then I got annoyed with my fiance because he has the mouth of a sailor sometimes and he wasn’t watching his mouth around my cousin. My cousin is only 13, and it was upsetting me. I told him to stop, and he still didn’t so I was like “jeesh, I am never going to have kids with you if this is how you’re gonna act” or something along those lines and he got his feelings really hurt and went upstairs. I felt bad, but I didn’t know how else to get through to him at that point, and in the moment I was being serious. I do not want my kids raised around a potty mouth and if he can’t watch his mouth for two days, then I don’t even know how all the time would be possible. I just can’t even believe how inappropriate my cousin is at 13, though…making sex jokes and just saying very bad things. I couldn’t stand that. I hope he doesn’t go home and tell his mom that we were fighting, though.

So today was our big one week weigh-in!! I lost 8 pounds and he lost 9! I am so proud of us. I thought it would be like 5-7 pounds. We also had Subway twice this week and pizza Friday night, so that surprised me even more. Hey, I’ll take it!!

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