Early day!

Today my fiance woke me up early to follow him to a car shop to get his tires rotated and aligned or something. After that, we had to do a little shopping, then when we were on the way home we got the call that his truck was ready so we had to unload my car and turn right back around and go get his truck. After that we went to the gym.

Today at the gym was much better than yesterday.

We also had to spray for fleas because somehow the cats are getting fleas on them! They don’t go outside, so it amazes me how they are getting these fleas.

Then tonight we watched the All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk contest. It was okay, but it was kind of disappointing to me because two of the better ones didn’t make their second dunks and took the minimum score therefore taking them out of the contest. Lameeee.

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