Goodbye’s are never easy.

Today was a pretty good day. It was the last day at work for one of my co-worker’s because she is moving. We weren’t really close or anything, but it was still hard to say goodbye. She wrote us all something personal in these little cards and passed them out before she left and they were so sweet. She said she would miss my giggle and then talked about the Celtics beating the Heat because she is a Celtics fan. It is hard saying goodbye knowing you will never see someone again.

I really didn’t feel like working out today…at all. It would have been so easy to just say forget it, but I pushed myself to go and I really am proud of myself. A few weeks ago..hell, even just a week ago I don’t think I would’ve did that. I stayed in there and waited for my fiance to tell me he was ready instead of me going and sitting in the car and waiting for him.

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