Spoke too soon.

Well, I spoke too soon. Last night my fiance and I got into a huge fight. First he told me he would be gone an hour, then it changed to an hour or two. I was already having anxiety over that and then I looked at my phone and two hours had passed and I just lost it. He texted me and said he would be home an hour and a half later and I got mad and just told him to stay. He must’ve left then, because he wasn’t home long after.

Our fight was huge…we both said things we didn’t mean and I was really worried it was the end of us. It was hard to go to work today because I was up late crying and fighting with him, but I knew I had to train the girl helping me out, and I couldn’t just leave her hanging like that.

When I went home for lunch, we both talked a little and cried, and then we talked more whenever I got off work. We are okay now…for now. I feel like if he keeps hanging around the same people, that we will keep having these same issues. I know I cannot ask him to stop hanging out with them, but I don’t know how to meet him in the middle with it either. I hate his so-called friends and what they are all about. I asked him once to tell me one good thing about them, or one good thing they have done for him and he couldn’t tell me anything. Everything I hear about them is always negative.

We skipped the gym today because we were both just emotionally drained.

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