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Really enjoyed today!

Today we got up early and went to the gym. After the gym, we went our separate ways. He had to go get his oil changed, and I went and spent the day with my granny.

Every time I spend time with her, we literally spend the whole time talking. I always love my time with her. She is literally the most important woman in my life. She is planning on moving soon, so she went through some of her stuff and gave it to me. She gave me some afghans and a blanket she made, and some other things. I will cherish all of the stuff she gave me forever.

After I got back home, the fiance and I went to dinner with his parents and then went to their house to pick up a juicer. Mike originally gave the juicer to his aunt for Christmas, then it went to his mom, then back to his aunt, then back to his mom, then to us, then back to his mom, now back to us and I think it has only been used once haha. We actually plan on using it now, though.

I know I’ve said it before, but I love his parents so much!!

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Day 43

Day 43

Gotta love my fiance’s family. His aunt hooked us up with some rice & cucumber kimchi today. Ooooo weeee!

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So tired!

My cousin is a handful. I feel like I haven’t had any rest this weekend, and I feel exhausted! Next weekend I am not doing a damn thing!

Today we tried to go to the gym with him, but I had to end up stopping what I was doing on the treadmill to go after him because he wouldn’t stay where we were. It was driving me nuts. Then I got annoyed with my fiance because he has the mouth of a sailor sometimes and he wasn’t watching his mouth around my cousin. My cousin is only 13, and it was upsetting me. I told him to stop, and he still didn’t so I was like “jeesh, I am never going to have kids with you if this is how you’re gonna act” or something along those lines and he got his feelings really hurt and went upstairs. I felt bad, but I didn’t know how else to get through to him at that point, and in the moment I was being serious. I do not want my kids raised around a potty mouth and if he can’t watch his mouth for two days, then I don’t even know how all the time would be possible. I just can’t even believe how inappropriate my cousin is at 13, though…making sex jokes and just saying very bad things. I couldn’t stand that. I┬áhope he doesn’t go home and tell his mom that we were fighting, though.

So today was our big one week weigh-in!! I lost 8 pounds and he lost 9! I am so proud of us. I thought it would be like 5-7 pounds. We also had Subway twice this week and pizza Friday night, so that surprised me even more. Hey, I’ll take it!!

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Day 18

Day 18

Nerding it up. My cousin is spending the weekend with us, so I am sure the weekend consists of lots of video games.

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Fun day.

My cousin is staying this weekend. We picked him up after I got off work and went bowling. It was pretty fun, but I forgot how hyper and crazy he is. He is 13 and can be so inappropriate. It was a little overwhelming at first, but I dealt with it.

We had a couple of slices of pizza tonight. Our plan was to each have two slices of pizza and share a salad, but when the pizza got in front of us Mike cracked and had three and a half slices, and I had three too. It isn’t like we completely over did it because we ate so good the rest of the day, but I was still disappointed in him and in myself, too. Tomorrow is the day we weigh ourselves, so I am hoping we didn’t mess anything up.

When we got home, the night just consisted of them playing video games. My cousin is so completely inappropriate. Boys are gross. If I ever have a boy, he will have to be raised so different. I feel bad for my cousin…I hope he grows out of it.

I really appreciate my fiance. He is taking it all in, even though I know it is annoying. He also said we could stop by a store to get him drinks and food he likes since we cleaned all of the junk out of our house. I didn’t go for that, I figure it won’t hurt him to eat healthy things, but it was a very nice offer.

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Today at the gym went muchhhhhh better. I think before I was trying to go too fast on the treadmill and it was making my shins hurt so bad. Today I started out slow, and worked my way up, but still didn’t go very fast and it was so much easier on my legs. I guess I have to realize I am not where I used to be and I have to start out at the bottom.

Tomorrow after I get off work, we are going to pick up my cousin and he is going to stay the night (possibly the weekend). I am pretty excited. If he goes for it, instead of going to the gym tomorrow we are going to take him bowling. I just wanted to get him out of the house for a few days and around positivity.

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