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Really enjoyed today!

Today we got up early and went to the gym. After the gym, we went our separate ways. He had to go get his oil changed, and I went and spent the day with my granny.

Every time I spend time with her, we literally spend the whole time talking. I always love my time with her. She is literally the most important woman in my life. She is planning on moving soon, so she went through some of her stuff and gave it to me. She gave me some afghans and a blanket she made, and some other things. I will cherish all of the stuff she gave me forever.

After I got back home, the fiance and I went to dinner with his parents and then went to their house to pick up a juicer. Mike originally gave the juicer to his aunt for Christmas, then it went to his mom, then back to his aunt, then back to his mom, then to us, then back to his mom, now back to us and I think it has only been used once haha. We actually plan on using it now, though.

I know I’ve said it before, but I love his parents so much!!

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Day 53

Day 53

He shaved his head and shaved his mustache, too. First time I have ever seen him without one and it was sooooo weirddddd at first lol.

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Spoke too soon.

Well, I spoke too soon. Last night my fiance and I got into a huge fight. First he told me he would be gone an hour, then it changed to an hour or two. I was already having anxiety over that and then I looked at my phone and two hours had passed and I just lost it. He texted me and said he would be home an hour and a half later and I got mad and just told him to stay. He must’ve left then, because he wasn’t home long after.

Our fight was huge…we both said things we didn’t mean and I was really worried it was the end of us. It was hard to go to work today because I was up late crying and fighting with him, but I knew I had to train the girl helping me out, and I couldn’t just leave her hanging like that.

When I went home for lunch, we both talked a little and cried, and then we talked more whenever I got off work. We are okay now…for now. I feel like if he keeps hanging around the same people, that we will keep having these same issues. I know I cannot ask him to stop hanging out with them, but I don’t know how to meet him in the middle with it either. I hate his so-called friends and what they are all about. I asked him once to tell me one good thing about them, or one good thing they have done for him and he couldn’t tell me anything. Everything I hear about them is always negative.

We skipped the gym today because we were both just emotionally drained.

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So-called friends

Mike and I have been doing really good. Well, better than we were a few weeks ago. We still argue every now and then, but there hasn’t really been a big blow-up in a while. Tonight his friend’s mom is in town, so he asked to go over there and hang out. You would think since the guys mom is there that I would not worry about anything, but last time I went with Mike to see his friends mom, his friend and girlfriend snorted a frickin’ pill right in my face. Also, I didn’t find out until after the fact that the whole night I was sitting my his friend’s cousin who just so happened to be one of Mike’s ex’s. Ugh.

I just hate his friends, there is no other way to put it. There is really only one that I think I like. The others just use him and are no good.

After the gym, I wanted Chinese food so I ordered it and Mike was making a salad and I told him bye because I knew he would be gone by the time I got back. I went out to my car and just the thought of him going over there gave me such a bad anxiety attack that I sat there, tears streaming down my face, and trying to breathe for 5-10 minutes. I don’t know how to get over this. He told me the other day that this “friend” flicked a cigarette on him, and that he doesn’t have any friends, and that when he came home he just wanted to stay home. I feel like he plays with my emotions because then I asked him today if he was going to start hanging out with this guy again and he says every now and then. I hate the back and forth…it really screws with me. I need like days to prepare myself for him going out. I know I am a crazy person. I really wish we could just move.

He told me this friend might be going away to prison. I know it is horrible, but part of me wishes he would just so Mike won’t hang with him. I think he is one of the most negative influences and we were good when he was in jail. Jail obviously hasn’t changed him, so I told Mike maybe he needs to go to prison. I don’t feel bad for him because he brought it on himself, and then he lied to Mike about what actually happened. Some best friend.

I know I am just ranting, but I needed a release…and this is the perfect one.

Other than this bullshit, my day was good.

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Day 49

Day 49

The fiance made some delicious shrimp tacos tonight!!

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My fiance works on Sunday’s, so I really just relaxed at the house until he got home and then we went to the gym. On Sunday’s the gym closes early, so we played a little basketball and he rode the bike and I did the treadmill for a few minutes.

After the gym, we went to a produce market, then back home for dinner and then we watched the All-Star Basketball game. Nothing special :).

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Early day!

Today my fiance woke me up early to follow him to a car shop to get his tires rotated and aligned or something. After that, we had to do a little shopping, then when we were on the way home we got the call that his truck was ready so we had to unload my car and turn right back around and go get his truck. After that we went to the gym.

Today at the gym was much better than yesterday.

We also had to spray for fleas because somehow the cats are getting fleas on them! They don’t go outside, so it amazes me how they are getting these fleas.

Then tonight we watched the All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk contest. It was okay, but it was kind of disappointing to me because two of the better ones didn’t make their second dunks and took the minimum score therefore taking them out of the contest. Lameeee.

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Boring day.

Today was just a regular boring day. Just the usual of work, come home, eat, shower, sleep. Mike wasn’t feeling well, so we skipped the gym. Nothing really to blog about today. 😛

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Day 43

Day 43

Gotta love my fiance’s family. His aunt hooked us up with some rice & cucumber kimchi today. Ooooo weeee!

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Today was just a regular day. We skipped the gym today because my fiance is sick. I don’t think I have seen him so sick before. He just looks sick and pitiful and it breaks my heart. We went to pick him up some medicine tonight because of course he refused to go to the doctor. I really hope it helps him and I pray I don’t catch his sickness because the last time I caught his sickness, I got it 100x worse than what he had and was out of work for like 3 days.

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