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Weekends go by so fast!

So right now I am literally typing this from my bathtub. Soaking in some relax & relief bubble bath with the lights dimmed. Today was day 3 of 30 Day Shred and I think it was the hardest. While I do have more endurance now, my muscles are so sore that the strength part of it was sooo difficult to get through. I got through it though, so that’s all that matters….right?

The next part is going to be too long about my roller coaster with my fiance yesterday. Decided to make it into a separate thing as to not take up space/bore people. Keep reading, if you wish. Continue reading

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Today we went to the gym and I did more weights than anything and I am REALLY feeling the soreness now. I only did half a mile n the treadmill before my legs felt like they were going to split open. I know it gets easier with time, but right now boyyyyy am I feeling the pain!

We’re watching American Horror Story on Netflix now, just wanted to get a quick post in. That show is by far the freakiest show I have ever seen.

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